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OPENRTOS IE for the Intel Innovation Engine


Intel Innovation Engine

The Innovation Engine is a small Intel architecture processor and I/O sub-system embedded into Intel’s next generations of Server Platforms. The Intel IE enables system builders to create their own unique, differentiating firmware for the server, storage and networking markets. Some possible usages include a lightweight BMC providing basic manageability and reduce overall system cost, or to improve server performance by offloading BIOS and BMC routines to the IE.

OpenRTOS IE is a fast, lightweight, small footprint Real Time Operating System complete with a comprehensive set of IE device drivers. OpenRTOS is the smallest RTOS option enabled for the Intel IE, with the RTOS requiring less that 10Kbytes and the entire RTOS and IE driver solution less than 100Kbytes, maximizing the amount of memory available for the system builder’s application code.


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