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SAFERTOS CORE is the RTOS for embedded systems where safety needs to be considered, or designed-in for future consideration. It is ideal for projects where full safety certification/ documentation is not required, or at least not required at the start of a long safety development life cycle. SAFERTOS CORE provides the complete functionality and API of SAFERTOS.

SAFERTOS CORE is ideal for companies who are developing products that:

  • Need to consider safety but don’t require full certification
  • May require certification in the future, and want to future proof their designs
  • Require a robust, highly deterministic RTOS, incorporating key safety features
  • Are starting lengthy development projects where certification evidence/documentation is not required at the start of the project


SAFERTOS CORE uses the actual core SAFERTOS design, source code and API that is common across all safety certified SAFERTOS variants, ported for use on your specific processor/compiler combination. SAFERTOS CORE incorporates key safety features, combined with functionality that has a proven, successful history of use within embedded Safety Critical Applications.

  • Provides full SAFERTOS functionality and API
  • Uses the actual core SAFERTOS design and source code
  • Ported to your specific processor/compiler combination
  • Upgrade route from SAFERTOS CORE to full SAFERTOS

Task Isolation and Separation

SAFERTOS CORE supports the isolation and separation of individual tasks by using the processor's built in Memory Protection Unit/Memory Management Unit. The ability to isolate individual tasks allows critical code segments to remain free from interference by other code segments residing within the same linear address space.

  • Isolation of individual Tasks by using the processor's MPU/MMU
  • Prevents background Tasks interfering with critical functionality
  • Increases product robustness
  • Secure integration of communication stacks and file systems


Where SAFERTOS is supplied with a Design Assurance Pack (Industrial), or a Design History File (Medical) supporting safety certification, SAFERTOS CORE is supplied as source code accompanied by a comprehensive User’s Manual.

SAFERTOS CORE is also available fully integrated with our advanced, feature rich Middleware and Safety Plugins delivered as one seamless build of code.

  • Full source code
  • Comprehensive SAFERTOS CORE Users Manual
  • Working ‘out of the box’ demo application
  • Available tightly integrated with our range of Middleware and Safety Plugins