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STMicroelectronics is a global semiconductor company offering one of the industry’s broadest product portfolios. ST serves customers across the spectrum of electronics applications with innovative semiconductor solutions for Smart Driving and the Internet of Things.

ST's product portfolio contains a comprehensive range of microcontrollers, from robust, low-cost 8-bit MCUs up to 32-bit ARM®-based Cortex®-M0 and M0+, Cortex®-M3, Cortex®-M4, Cortex®-M7 Flash microcontrollers with a great choice of peripherals. ST has also extended this range to include an ultra-low-power MCU platform.

WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems and STMicroelectronics are formal partners, with WHIS being a member of the ST Partner Program. WHIS are regular exhibitors at the ST developer’s conference in San Jose, CA.

There are multiple reasons why so many developers use SAFERTOS with ST. It is one of the most popular integrations we provide, and has been proven in the real world again and again. See below for more ST offerings.

 DeviceFamilySAFERTOS Demo Available
STM32F0ARM Cortex M0Yes
STM32F1ARM Cortex M3Yes
STM32F2ARM Cortex M3Request a demo
STM32F3ARM Cortex M4Request a demo
STM32F7ARM Cortex M7Yes
STM32L0ARM Cortex M0Request a demo
STM32L1ARM Cortex M3Yes
STM32L4ARM Cortex M4Request a demo

STM32 Safety Manuals

ST provide Functional Safety Manuals to achieve IEC 61508 Safety Integrity Level certification for their STM32 devices. Following the STM32 safety manual and then integrating SafeRTOS provides a robust and safety critical platform to base your next design on. The STM32 safety manuals detail a list of safety requirements and examples to guide STM32 users to achieve Safety Integrity Level 2/3 according to IEC 61508. They are available for the STM32F0, STM32F1, STM32F2, STM32F3, STM32F4, STM32F7, STM32H7, STM32L0, STM32L1 and STM32L4 Series.

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The STM32 range has many built in safety features, including:

  • Dual watchdogs
  • Backup clock circuitry with clock security system
  • Hardware CRC unit / Programmable polynomial
  • Supply monitoring
  • I/O function locking
  • PWM critical register protections
  • Memory Protection Unit
  • Multiple Flash memory protection levels
  • PWM stop on core lockup
  • Parity bit for SRAM
  • Flash ECC

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Secure MCUs

ST Secure Microcontrollers and security turnkey solutions ensure your peace of mind by protecting your privacy in the fast growing connected digital world.

From traditional smartcard applications such as SIM, banking or ID to the latest secure mobile transactions or Internet of Things, ST is able to deliver the right solution, including hardware secure microcontrollers, or complete turnkey solutions.

ST’s Secure MCUs are certified as per the latest security standards (Common Criteria EAL6+, EMVCo, CuP) and cover a complete range of interfaces for both contact and contactless communication, including ISO/IEC 7816, ISO/IEC 14443 Type A & B, NFC, USB, SPI and I²C.

By offering a complete solution ranging from a secure operating system embedded in the secure MCU, to full enablement and personalisation services, ST offers seamless integration of security features to customers who might not be experts in secure systems.

Secure Firmware Update

ST’s Secure Boot (SB) and Secure Firmware Update (SFU) solution allows the update of the STM32 microcontroller built-in program with new firmware versions. The update process is performed in a secure way to prevent unauthorised updates and access to confidential on-device data.

In addition, ST’s Secure Boot (Root of Trust services) checks and activates STM32 security mechanisms, which confirms the authenticity and integrity of user application code before every execution, ensuring that invalid or malicious code cannot be run. Key Features include:

  • Secure Boot / Root of Trust;
  • Safe and Secure Firmware Update;
  • AES-GCM symmetric cryptography scheme;.
  • Secure Engine Services.

STM32Cube Embedded Software

The STM32CubeMX is a software tool able to generate initialisation C-code for STM32 MCUs based on a graphical user interface. The STM32Cube includes the hardware abstraction layer (HAL) and Low-Layer (LL) APIs for the STM32 peripherals, Middleware and RTOS components. FreeRTOS comes pre-installed within the STM32Cube, which allows embedded software projects using FreeRTOS to be automatically created. These software projects can be easily be converted for use with OPENRTOS or SAFERTOS.

STM32Cube consists of (usable together or independently):

The STM32CubeMX, featuring:

  • Configuration C code generation for pin multiplexing, clock tree, peripherals and middleware setup with graphical wizards
  • Generation of IDE ready projects for integrated development environment tool chains
  • Power consumption calculation for a user-defined application sequence
  • Direct import of STM32 Cube embedded software libraries from
  • Integrated updater to keep STM32CubeMX up-to-date

STM32Cube MCU Package including:

  • The Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), enabling portability between different STM32 devices via standardised API calls
  • The Low-Layer (LL) APIs, a light-weight, optimised, expert oriented set of APIs designed for both performance and runtime efficiency
  • A collection of Middleware components, including FreeRTOS, USB library, file system, TCP/IP stack, Touch sensing library or Graphic Library (depending on the MCU series)