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About Us

About Us

WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems

WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems is WITTENSTEIN Group's centre of excellence for high integrity and safety critical embedded systems design. Originally part of the aerospace group, we are first and foremost a safety systems company, a key differentiation in the RTOS market as we have direct experience of developing safety critical applications, such as, flight control systems, implanted active medical devices, and sub sea oil and gas platforms. Today our primary focus is the development and supply of mission and safety critical RTOS.

WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems is a division of WITTENSTEIN aerospace & simulation Ltd., a company registered in England No. 03711047. WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems is located in Bristol, UK and San Jose, USA.


The WITTENSTEIN Group was established in 1948 and has grown into a stable and mature global technology company, with a focus on high end mechatronics systems. It's a family owned company with its headquarters and main manufacturing site located in western Germany.

WITTENSTEIN has a presence in more than 40 countries.  Figures reported on 31/03/2017 show 2352 employees worldwide, and sales revenues of 339 Million Euros.

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