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The Stateviewer Plugin

OPENRTOS, SAFERTOS and the FreeRTOS kernel ‘STATEVIEWER’ plugins provide enhanced kernel awareness with features including a snapshot of the task-switching and resource states, and the ability to check the stack usage of each task. This means that engineers working in either an IAR Embedded Workbench or Eclipse environment can develop and debug applications more quickly and with a high degree of confidence.

Download the STATEVIEWER Plugin

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STATEVIEWER comes pre-installed with IAR’s EWARM IDE, for information on other platforms supported by STATEVIEWER within the IAR IDE please contact us here.

What's Included in this demo:

Stateviewer Plugin


Stateviewer allows the inspection of FreeRTOS/OpenRTOS kernel task, queue and timer objects, and SafeRTOS kernel task and queue objects, within Eclipse-based IDEs using CDT 7.0 and later versions via the standard DSF debugging interface. Also supports the legacy CDI debugging interface in conjunction with the GNU debugger (GDB) only.

* The legacy CDI debugger code will be removed from CDT as of version 9.0 (Neon release train - June 2016).
* In theory, Stateviewer should work with any debugging backend that interfaces via DSF (not just the GDB backend). The Code Composer Studio debugging backend is an example of non-GDB backend that works with StateViewer.