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Middleware for OPENRTOS and SAFERTOS

The increasing need for connectivity in embedded products has resulted in added complexity and greater integration requirements between RTOS, middleware components and the underlying drivers. Our feature rich middleware solutions are delivered with a tight and optimised integration for either OPENRTOS or SAFERTOS, and have been designed to provide high data rates whilst using minimum system resources.

CONNECT MIDDLEWARE range includes:

Reducing Risk

Our middleware solutions provide you with components that are used in mission critical applications all over the world.

When integrating Middleware components with SAFERTOS, our experience safety engineers will use the SAFERTOS task separation functionality to isolate middleware code from SAFERTOS and other safety critical code segments. The SAFERTOS task separation functionality allows the CONNECT MIDDLEWARE components to become a cost effective solution in safety critical systems.

Removing complexity and shortening lead times

Your engineers can work effectively with our middleware from the day it is delivered. Our middleware is delivered to your engineers as one highly integrated, fully optimized and verified package, accompanied by a demonstration application.

MPU Middleware Diagram