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High Performance File Systems

The CONNECT File System is compact and highly reliable embedded FAT16/FAT32 file system that has been specifically designed for embedded applications requiring data storage to media such as SD/MMC, USB and Flash drives.

Functional Overview

  • Compact & full featured embedded File System
  • Supports RAM, NAND, NOR, SD, MMC and USB Mass storage devices
  • Microsoft DOS/Windows compatible FAT16/32 file system
  • FLASH Translation Layer providing, Wear Leveling, Bad Block Management, ECC and Garbage Collection
  • Multiple logical volumes and storage devices
  • Full C source code supplied
  • Optimised for use with OPENRTOS and SAFERTOS
  • Delivers high levels of data throughput, whilst utilising minimum system resources
  • Long file names
  • Easily integrated with virtually any FLASH or physical media device.

File System Architecture

The CONNECT File System architecture (shown above) is designed in a modular fashion that allows it to support multiple different storage I/O devices, and has been optimised for tight integration with OPENRTOS or SAFERTOS.

FAT16/FAT32 File System

The File System layer implements the FAT16/FAT32 protocol. This layer translates the file operations to block I/O requests and forwards it to the corresponding Storage I/O Device driver. This layer also manages dynamic attachment/removal of storage devices.

File System API

The File System API layer provides two interfaces to the applications. One is a POSIX interface that provides standard file API functions such as fopen(), fread(), fwrite() and fclose() etc., The second is a Native interface that provides non-standard API for operations like directory management and file system management.

Storage Media Driver

The Storage Media Driver is a hardware dependent driver for the file system software stack. It provides low level I/O functions allowing the rest of file system to access the storage devices for accessing NAND/NOR/SD/MMC and RAM Disk devices.

Additionally the File System can be used with our USB Host and Mass Storage Class to support most kinds of USB devices.