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Why Upgrade to OPENRTOS?

OPENRTOS® and the FreeRTOS kernel share the same code base. The additional value offered by OPENRTOS is as a ‘commercial and legal wrapper’ for FreeRTOS kernel users.

Developers upgrade to an OPENRTOS license for two main reasons -

  • To overcome any company policy restrictions on use of open source software;
  • To access additional services, such as professional grade support, training, consultancy and tools.

Why Consider Commercial Licensing?

There are several reasons why developers may find the Amazon FreeRTOS MIT licence restrictive.

  • Companies may have a blanket ban on using open source software within their projects;
  • They might require IP indemnification.
  • They may require warranty.

WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems delivers OPENRTOS configured for a specific compiler and processor combination, and ensures customers receive fully working code, with a working demonstration application, and the reassurance of professional support.