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SAFERTOS® for the TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Stellaris Family


Selected members of the Stellaris microcontroller family from Texas Instruments come with a pre-built version of SAFERTOS embedded in ROM. Applications running on these processors can link to and use the ‘ROMed’ copy of SAFERTOS in commercial applications without paying any license fees. Its small size and simplicity makes SAFERTOS ideal for use in a wide range of embedded application areas, including those which require certification.


SAFERTOS has been independently certified to ease application certification especially in Industrial and Medical applications. Users developing certified or formally qualified applications can also choose to buy the Design Assurance Pack which contains all the certification evidence for IEC61508 SIL3 and FDA510(k)


For further information and tools, including our free Eclipse kernel aware plug-in, please go to the SAFERTOS download  page or “Ask us a question” form by clicking on one of the links on the right.


 USB, FAT and TCP/IP Software

To help speed your development, there are additional software components to support USB, File Systems and TCP/IP. To help you get started there are evaluation versions of these components available to download and try completely free of charge. please click here.